NFC East
NFC East

Who Will Emerge From the NFC East?

This has been one of the most exciting NFL seasons to date, and the parody in each division continues to get bigger. The only divisions that are all but locked up is the AFC East with the New England Patriots, AFC North with the Cincinnati Bengals, AFC West with the Denver Broncos, NFC South with the undefeated Carolina Panthers and the NFC West with the Arizona Cardinals. The rest of the divisions are either full of 2 teams vying for the top spot, or are in such shambles that any one of the 4 teams can win the division.

This is of course the story of the NFC East, where there is currently a 3 way tie for 1st place with a 5-7 record. Technically by way of points the division is being led by the unpredictable Washington Redskins, but to consider them the division leader is laughable at best. Last in the division is the Dallas Cowboys, but only by being a game behind at 4-8. So the last place team in the division could technically win the division by the end of the year. This is the most pathetic division in the NFL, and whatever team ends the season in 1st place, they are guaranteed to be blown out of the playoffs no matter who they face. In fact the 1st place team could end up being under .500 and still win the division. This is good news for the Cowboys since the only reason they have a losing record is because of injuries. The rest of the teams in that division are genuinely bad teams, and that includes the 2 time Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

One team to look out for if they make the playoffs this year is those same New York Giants, a team that has proven they are horrible in the regular season but beasts in the playoffs. Next year will be a big year for the Dallas Cowboys, as they can moonwalk into the playoffs with virtually no competition whatsoever. The Philadelphia Eagles are their own worst enemy thanks to Chip Kelly, a college coach that has caused such singlehanded destruction to an NFL franchise that other college coaches will probably be blacklisted from pro football jobs. They will continue to be horrible, and don’t be surprised if Kelly is ousted before his contract is up. Then of course there is Washington, a team that will be forced to either franchise or overpay a mediocre QB in Kirk Cousins that isn’t their future, and never will be. So the outlook for the future is that the NFC East will be dominated by the Cowboys, as long as they’re healthy enough to do so.

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