Washington Redskins Quarterbacks Robert Griffin III #10, Kirk Cousins #8, and Colt McCoy #16
Washington Redskins Quarterbacks Robert Griffin III #10, Kirk Cousins #8, and Colt McCoy #16 (source: CBS Local)

Washington’s Quarterback Shuffle

If things weren’t bad enough for the Washington Redskins then they just got worse, by like tenfold. Accusations of racism are still haunting them over the refusal of a name change, and their win loss record hasn’t been a good sight for years. Add to the fact that their number 1# pick has been an injury plagued disaster, on and off the field, and you get the feeling that they are about to be down for the 10 count. Coach Gruden has also been struggling with trying to decide between fellow QB draftee Kirk Cousins and his inconsistency or Robert Griffin’s III all talk but no game attitude. In what is considered to be RG3’s last season to prove himself to the team, he will be instead spending it on the bench due to the recent coaching decision to start Kirk Cousins.

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The relative problem with naming Cousins the starter moving forward is that it immediately drops any trade value that RG3 has, which is a baffling decision as a whole since they had the option of floating trade offers last year when he was in and out of the lineup. No one quite knows what’s going on in the head of the Coach Gruden, and it may even be a situation where the decision was made by GM Scot McCloughan or team owner Dan Snyder. With the Jets cutting Tim Tebow in the preseason, their decision making for their QB’s looks more like a team decision rather than a complete mess like Washington’s. There is a real lack of cohesion when it comes to the decision making for Washington, and it was happening long before Gruden Came, RG3 got drafted, and even after Bruce Allen became team President. These problems are so deeply rooted in the way that the team is run that the only thing that will change their identity is the owner himself, that in many cases seems to be responsible for the low point of the team.

To add insult to even more injury, RG3 may not even be backing up Kirk Cousins, with a decision to be made on that after they get word back from the team neurologist. This is a Ryan Leaf type fall from grace as the #1 pick, and you have to wonder where Griffin will go from here since he has lost the respect of the team to the point of being the possible 3rd QB but with a starter’s salary. Time will tell where this saga goes, but we all know it will end up with another bad move by the Washington team.

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