Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo Done For The Season

Which also means that the Dallas Cowboys are done for the season, which really isn’t a surprise to most folks. The playoff contending Cowboys surprised everyone last year and were even serious threats to go to the Super Bowl. The defense was playing like it had the ghost of Deion Sanders watching over them, and Tony Romo was playing the most mistake free football of his career. America’s Team was back, and this time it looked like they had built a foundation that would last them for years.

Until this season- when everything went from mediocre, to worse. With the NBA season grabbing headlines with the undefeated NBA Champion Golden State Warriors destroying teams, it isn’t getting nearly as much attention as the fall of the Dallas Cowboys. That is the nature of the best, but also an unfortunate twist to a team that hasn’t been good since Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith were in their primes. No one is expecting the Cowboys to be the best team in the league, or even the conference. The only thing fans and media expected was some consistency to carry over from last year, even if it meant the team ended up 9-7. The Cowboys this year are 3-8 for a nice 2.73 winning percentage, and it also puts them last in their division.

Romo did come back for two games after this injury, but went out again, this time for the year. That glimmer of hope of the Cowboys salvaging their season went away almost as quickly as it came. And in a division where the leader is the 5-5 New York Giants, the Cowboys are so close, but so far away without Romo to help that they might as well be 0-11. Jerry Jones commented that no surgery would be required for the broken collarbone, which pretty much means the team is probably going to go into tank mode with the backup QB. After missing 7 games earlier in the season with the same injury, having to go back out again may prove a physical weak point in Romo’s body like Peyton Manning’s surgically repaired neck. It probably isn’t on that level, but Romo has missed a lot of games during his career due to injuries, and he isn’t a spring chicken at 35 years old. If the Cowboys play their cards right they will be able to have a dominant season for the next year, but this year is a total loss.

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