Tom Ford Releases New Fashion Video Starring Lady Gaga

Fashion icon Tom Form has released a new fashion video starring Lady Gaga, promoting his upcoming Spring and Summer 2016 line. The video, directed by artist and Lady Gaga’s artistic collaborator Nick Knight, showcases Tom Form’s upcoming line with stunning high-quality clothing with Gaga and models dancing along to “I Want Your Love,” a song by Nile Rodgers and covered by Gaga for the video.

The video begins with text introducing Tom Ford and his Spring and Summer 2016 line. The video, produced by SHOWstudio, then shows walkway lights lighting up and flashing, beginning with Gaga dancing on the runway. The music begins featuring Gaga’s vocals. The track is reminiscent of a disco, club anthem that is light and full of fun. Various models then dance one after another with each other looking on, all dancing as well, highlighting the to be released clothing. Gaga often joins the dancers, walking the runway and dancing fiercely herself.

Lady Gaga strips down in Tom Ford's Tom Ford Spring/Summer 16 Music Video
Lady Gaga strips down in Tom Ford’s Tom Ford Spring/Summer 16 Music Video

The clothing is spectacular of typical Tom Ford fashion and his sophisticated urban style. Black seems to be the predominant color of the upcoming fashion line. Solid and shiny platinum outfits stick out beautifully as well. The women’s clothing contains chic and sexy patterns and prints of colors that reflect various geometric styles and designs. Red, purple, and yellow are the dominating colors of the women’s numbers with shiny sequins dazzling each outfit.

On the musical track itself, Gaga shines. Her voice is enough to rock the runway itself as she hits high notes throughout the song and utilizes her strong tone to passionately sing the chorus “I want your love.” As the song and video concludes, Gaga screams lovely, “Have you ever been in love?” The camera focuses in on her, singing the words and wearing no clothing other than a black top to cover up with. Her blonde hair dances wonderfully, just like the song and the artist herself.

Tom Ford's music video further showcases pieces from his Spring/Summer 16 collection
Tom Ford’s music video showcases pieces from his Spring/Summer 16 collection

The surprise release of the video and accompanying music have been taking the internet by storm with “I Want Your Love” remaining a worldwide trending topic on Twitter throughout most of the day. Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters were utterly thrilled and ecstatic with the release, joyful to see Mother Monster having the time of her life and excited to hear new music. Many began speculating the sound of her upcoming album, known throughout the social sphere as #LG5, wondering if a new disco sound could be expected.

Earlier in the week, Lady Gaga was chosen as the recipient of Billboard’s Woman of the Year thanks to her incredible work and philanthropy thus far in 2015.

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