World Series Champions, Kansas City Royals
World Series Champions, Kansas City Royals

The World Series Is Over

And the Kansas City Royals are champions, in what is probably one of the most lopsided World Series in years. Just when things started to get interesting in game 3, the Royals called the Mets bluff and took them down in such a polite way that you have to wonder if the win by the New York Mets in game 3 was just a fluke. Since the Royals went on to win the next two games with such ease it becomes more of a statement rather than a question, with the champs sealing the Mets fate with a 7-2 game 5 victory. The win was so predictable that there wasn’t even any rioting or out of control acts, even though this is the first World Series win for the club in about 3 decades.

It was a largely soft celebration by sports standards that went all the way into the morning with a tameness that would make the New York Yankees jealous. The victory parade will be just as peaceful, but what does this say about the Kansas City Royals? There are already questions about them being a one hit wonder, which is absurd when you factor in their history in the league. If there is any championship team that has a bigger chance of being completely disrespected in their sport other than the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA, it has to be none other than the Royals. Whether this bleeds into the next few weeks as everyone analyzes the defeat of the hapless Mets will determine whether they will come into next season as the champs or an underdog. The Mets on the other hand are well on their way to missing the playoffs entirely next year, which would be a blessing to anyone wanting a competitive playoff game to watch.

They completely let the fans down this year, and if compared to other World Series was a bit of a ratings disaster due to their inability to compete. This wasn’t a good look for baseball at all, and it might as well have been a sweep so fans could avoid the 2 days of talking heads saying the Mets were back in the series after that thrilling game 3 win. It was unavoidable chaos, and in the end the Royals became champs while half the nation was probably watching Dancing with the Stars. Some things to look for next year; Will Bryce Harper end up as a Yankee or a Met next year in a move that could turn around both franchises?

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