Tony Stewart investigation into the death of Kevin Ward Jr.
Tony Stewart investigation into the death of Kevin Ward Jr (source: Getty Images)

The Tony Stewart Problem

For those that haven’t been following the Tony Stewart story, he is being sued by the family of Kevin Ward Jr. in a wrongful death suit. The incident occurred on Aug 9th of last year when the two drivers got into it while on the track. When Kevin exited his car in anger during a caution he was struck by Stewart. Some claim that Stewart meant to ‘scare’ the young driver but ultimately miscalculated how close he was. Regardless of the true cause, it has been a long year for Stewart as he has gone head to the head with the family. After being exonerated of criminal wrongdoing officially, the family seeks to still punish the famed driver for the role he played in their son’s death.

Stewart has all but disappeared from the sport of NASCAR, as his reputation at this point can’t be repaired. On top of the murder charge he had to deal with news of his use of marijuana coming out, a drug which ultimately led to the grand jury refusing to indict him. This is one incident in his life that just won’t go away, and keeps biting him when he thinks it is over. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this case settled out of court due to Tony just wanting to move on with his life. The family is not really concerned about money but with trying to find some scrap of justice now that their son has passed away.

In an unrelated incident, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson died from vicious car crash that left him with a horrible head injury. In a good gesture Tony Stewart lent the family his private jet so that they could be close to Wilson during his last moments. This is one of many good will things Tony Will have to do over the years if he is to ever move on and live a normal life. This is a huge story that has rocked the NASCAR world for the worse, as they should be known more for their skills on the track than crashes and news off of it. But as the biggest spectator sport in the world, it’s still getting coverage for the wrong reasons.