NBA 2K eSports League

The NBA Will Finally Start An eSports League

With the increased popularity in eSports over the last few years the NBA have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon by announcing that they’ll soon be starting an eSports league based on the NBA 2K video game series.

The league is set to begin in 2018 and will try to emulate the real game as much as possible by having each real-life NBA franchise owning their own eSports teams who will compete alongside the real NBA season over a 5 month season.

The league aims to target players who dream of playing in the NBA who don’t have the physical prowess but possess the mental capacity to play at an eSports level. The characters in the game won’t be that of real NBA players but instead the league will allow players to design their own avatars which will in-turn breed a new economy of players and superstars.