Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Royals

Royals Look Strong

If there was ever a story that looked like it would have a legitimate happy ending then it would have to be none other than the Kansas City Royals. The Royals are dominating in a World Series that may see them sweep the helpless New York Mets, something that no one in their right minds would have outright predicted. It does help that Royal’s kryptonite Madison Bumgarner isn’t playing in this series, but it would still be a monumental achievement for the Royals to flat out destroy the talented Mets.

To add salt to the wound the Mets don’t have any player in the ranks of Bumgarner’s talent, or at least one that is capable of calling upon that talent in this championship series. The team didn’t choke away the first 2 games, they were just outplayed in a way that made it look like they didn’t even belong in the World Series. There is a list of teams that would have put up a better fight for a more exciting series, although with the way the Royals are playing who knows what the outcome would’ve been.

The Royals still have to win 2 games before they get their parade and right the wrongs of last year’s failings. Things looked like they were in control with the talents of Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom leading the way, but what the Mets didn’t count on was a game plan and rotation so flexible that probably only 3-4 manager sin the entire league could have approached it properly. To say that the first 2 games were decided after the 4th inning would be an understatement.

The New York Mets need to change up their rotation and how they approach the Royals for the pivotal game 3, as there will be no mercy from the baseball Gods if they go down 3-0. At that point the series is all but over, and everyone would be waiting for the eventual Royal’s win. Even if the series doesn’t turn out to be as competitive as everyone wanted, it has still be a relatively strong showing for baseball this year in the ratings, and not because of controversy.

Whether that has to do with the continued rise of betting websites and fantasy is another story, and the market leader known as the NFL is enjoying that same growth. So if baseball really wants to surprise people this year, then the Mets need to find some way to figure out this Royal’s squad.

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