Ronda Rousey UFC Portrait
Ronda Rousey UFC Portrait (source: Gazette Review)

Ronda Rousey: Overexposed

Ronda Rousey is the most explosive fighter to ever to grace women’s UFC, and is an undefeated phenomena that continues to get better. She has fought 12 times and has won 9 by submission and 3 by knockout. Her fights usually end in under 2 minutes, igniting a sort of Mike Tyson fury of old that many PPV parties were made of. The women’s side of UFC hasn’t been relevant since Gina Corano was at the top of her game as the face of women’s MMA. The two similarities between these two fighters is that they are not only skilled in the octagon, but incredibly beautiful. There are several beautiful UFC female fighters, but very few that are at the top of their game. The female UFC division is really a big joke minus some credible names like Cyborg and Joanna Jędrzejczyk. The rest of the roster can be considered nothing more than glorified WWE divas.

We’re still at the beginning of Rousey’s young and hopefully long career, and she is being heralded as the greatest UFC champion ever, yet hasn’t faced either one of the top women on the roster. A fight with either Cyborg or Joanna would cement her legacy, yet she is put up against the scrubs of her division in order to boost her fame. It’s a pretty clear shot from this point of view, as you can’t look anywhere without seeing her in magazines, commercials, movies, and even television shows. Besides the obvious jealousy that is creeping up with both the male and female fighters she has to contend with being considered a fight dodger by not facing more comparable competition. To be fair, her management most likely handles that decision, but there is some truth to her not wanting to fight better performers, or else it would happen.

While her celebrity grows, her reputation takes the same hits that Floyd Mayweather has dealt with over the years. If things continue the way that they are, she will continue to be a big celebrity draw, but at the cost of the integrity of the women’s UFC division. The route she is taking is boosting her own celebrity while giving a black eye to the very division she fights in. For a general idea of what everyone is talking about as far as news with women’s UFC, it isn’t about a fight, but about Ronda’s involvement with married UFC fighter Travis Browne. He is currently suspended by the UFC amidst charges of domestic violence against his wife. Ronda is the key to bringing prestige to the female division, and this is one of many steps in the wrong direction.