Chicago Bears Gameday
Chicago Bears Gameday

Resurgent Chicago Bears Find Hope

With the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bulls looking like they are the world’s most disappointing franchises, the Chicago Bears showed the San Diego Chargers that they’re not out of the playoffs just yet. Currently ranked 3rd in the NFC Northern Division, the Bears could use the win against the Chargers to make a push that takes them into the playoffs. Since football season just started it seems absurd to be talking about the end game, but the fact is with only 16 games on the schedule and more than half of them down (Chargers are now 2-7) things are starting to get interesting in the same division that Green Bay (6-2) and Minnesota (6-2) can’t seem to take full control of.

The only thing that really hurts the Bears with their 3-5 record is that those 5 losses are in conference with 3 of the losses coming against division opponents. It is a pretty lopsided statistic, but one that New York Giants fans should appreciate. Starting running back Matt Fore went down with a knee injury, but to everyone’s surprise rookie Jeremy Langford had a breakout game in his place, so big that it put the nail in the coffin of the Chargers season. If he can continue to perform at that high a level it may give Jay Cutler the breathing room he needs to be an effective quarterback. As this generations Brett Favre, Cutler has thrown more soul crushing interceptions than any current starting quarterback in the league. A lot of those interceptions have come from being forced to make a play in a starving offense. Make no mistake about it, Cutler is still a top 10 QB in the league when he is at his best. So can Langford be the answer to a winning season?

Even if the Bears miss the playoffs, Forte’s contract is up next year and will free a lot of cap room. If Langford ends up being his replacement, that would be an immense help to the team while they still have an effective QB at the helm. On the flipside, if the Bears make the playoffs anything can happen. Having a QB with a big arm has its advantages in the playoffs where points can be hard to come by. The question is will that big arm of Cutler be the savior or the final end to what has been one of the greatest NFL franchises of all time.

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