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New England Patriots (source: Rant Sports)

New England Patriots Continue To Wreck the NFL

No matter which side of the argument you fall on in deflategate, it won’t change the fact that the New England Patriots are still the reigning Super Bowl Champs, undefeated, and laying waste to any opponent that comes their way. After being probed by both the media and the league, they came away victorious against the NFL in the court of law and now with vengeance continue to set the league on fire and prove their dominance. This is very familiar to the last scandal they had which was affectionately called spygate, and in the following regular season they went undefeated and almost won it all. These same Patriots are on a mission, and are literally walking over any team that comes near them.

The Indianapolis Colts got a taste of it last game, a game in which the Patriots lost several players to injury but basically cruised to a 34-27 victory. These are the same Colts that are the reason that this entire deflategate scandal even got started. In a move of pity, Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick actually called off the dogs late and showed some mercy, which inflated the score in the end to be closer than it actually was all game. Andrew Luck was making a return from a serious shoulder injury, but that didn’t stop him from making some great passes in the first half. But whether Luck was 100% or not, that would have little change on what was a pretty relaxing day for the Super Bowl Champs. If they proved anything to the Colts last year it was that they are several steps ahead on both sides of the ball. With seemingly fewer powerhouse teams in the NFL than there were last year, including the disappointing Seattle Seahawks, this may be an interesting year for the Patriots.

They won’t go undefeated, but if they can stay healthy then chances are fans will be seeing them in the Super Bowl once again, sticking it to the NFL on the grandest of stages. The entire organization will forever be tarnished with all of these scandals, but that won’t change the fact that they are a modern day dynasty that keeps reinventing the wheel and coming out on top. Even when their years of success finally come to an end, they will still go down in the history books as one of the greatest sports teams of all time.

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