Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon
Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

Lana Del Rey – ‘Honeymoon’ Album Review

Musical artist Lana Del Rey has recently released a brand-new LP titled Honeymoon,a release that has garnered much critical and commercial acclaim. As an avid music enthusiast, I have been interested in Lana Del Reys sounds and unique musical taste over the past few years as she has rose to stardom and recognition throughout the world.

However, it wasnt until this past summer when my great and best friends began sharing their love and adoration for Lana with me. My interest began to rise and with the anticipation of Honeymoon,I became very excited. The title track was the first release, giving a taste of the upcoming album that seemed to be in traditional Lana taste.

Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon album cover
Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon album cover

When the album was finally released in the recent weeks, I took a listen all the way through and was stunned with the beauty, the power, and the emotion that filled the entire album. The album passes from one song to the next in a lovely sequence; when you listen to it, its almost as if time stops and you are taken to a new place. Lanas angelic voice shines throughout the entire record; I especially like some of the notes she reaches on Honeymoon,sounds that leave you in awe, speechless for their beauty.

Deep and vulnerable emotion is felt throughout the whole album, making you feel connected to the artist on a higher level that even helps you to find yourself in a manner you didnt know before. Songs like God Knows I Triedand The Blackest Dayhold this quality strongly; the power of the lyrics and the melody can truly be felt. High By The Beachappears to be Lanas most mainstream work yet, driven by the modern beat and reflecting traditional pop music notions with an insatiable hook. Similar sounds can be experienced throughout much of the album collectively, including on Freak,” “Art Deco,” “Swan Song,and Salvatore,another of my personal favorites.

The album concludes in with an additional beauty on a track called Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood,a cover of Nina Simones original and a record that feels as if Lana is speaking to us directly, also giving ourselves a chance to be heard within our lives as well.

Honeymoonis elegant. Lana shines throughout the entire collection, most notably through her true bare-all emotion that you can truly hear and sincerely feel. I am in love with the way in which the album flows as a whole piece, allowing Lanas passion for her art to be experienced completely. As someone who used to be a skeptic of Lana Del Rey, Honeymoonhas opened my eyes all the way. Lana, incredible, incredible work. May you continue to be yourself and follow your dreams. We support you on your Honeymoon.

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