Kevin Durant - KD Signature Eyewear Collection

Kevin Durant x Nike Drops New Signature Eyewear Collection

Nike in collaboration with Kevin Durant are back with another instalment of the KD Signature Eyewear Collection. The new collection comes in three adult styles (Nike 36KD, Nike 37KD and Nike 38KD) and three kid styles (Nike 3KD, Nike 4KD and Nike 5KD).

For exclusivity, Nike Vision will also be releasing 35 limited edition sets in respect of Durant’s Jersey number. These Limited edition sets will come in the 36KD and 37KD styles in an exclusive color, and numbered from 1 to 35 along with a card of authenticity. The adult styles range in price from $275-$300, while kids styles will go for $197.

The KD Signature Eyewear Collection from Nike retailers.