Colin Kaepernick's woes continue at the 49ers
Colin Kaepernick's woes continue at the 49ers (source: Reuters)

Kaepernick’s Woes Continue

At one point the San Francisco 49ers were considered to be one of the best teams in the NFL, and that was with a completely different quarterback. A starting QB injury led to the unproven Kaepernick getting a start, and eventually retaining the position as the 49ers’ starting quarterback. This was back in the day when Robert Griffin III was not a bust, Andrew Luck wasn’t a superstar and Russell Wilson was ringless. Kaepernic was an unlucky surprise to a team that had prided itself on defense, and with weapons like Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree to help the offense, the 49ers were a threat on both sides of the ball.  In fact Kaepernick played so well that when they finally did make it to the Super Bowl against the Ravens, in the second half he almost single handedly won the game for them. He was just as capable of running the ball as he was with throwing, and it even threw off the veteran defense of the Ray Lewis led Ravens.

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Fast forward to today and Kaepernick is having the worst season of his career, Crabtree signed with the Raiders as a free agent, Frank Gore plays for the Colts, and the once Hall of Fame bound Vernon Davis is battling out injuries. It is an impressive meltdown, which is hard to fathom since the 49ers at one point was in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes when he was deciding on teams to play for. Had he decided to go to the 49ers instead of the Broncos then things would have been a lot different for sure. Maybe it was former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s fighting with the upper management that led to the ultimate demise of the team. Or better yet, it is more likely to be that the 49ers remained talented while everyone around them just got better.

The Seahawks come to mind, as they are potentially playing for a second ring this year if things keep going in the same direction. While teams around them were retooling and prepping for the future, the 49ers considered a big move to be signing a depleted Randy Moss to the team for some added offense. They missed out on some great free agents, and in some years even mismanaged draft picks. Even if Kaepernick never regains form, the team is so out of sorts that replacing the quarterback won’t fix the many holes that have popped up over the years.

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