Justin Bieber, Purpose 2015
Justin Bieber, Purpose 2015

Justin Bieber Finds His ‘Purpose’ On Latest Album

Pop superstar Justin Bieber has released his much-anticipated fourth studio album entitled ‘Purpose.’ Released on November 13, 2015, ‘Purpose’ is the follow up to Bieber’s previous album, ‘Journals,’ which was released two years ago back in 2013. On ‘Purpose,’ Justin Bieber finds his solid ground and musical footprint, anchored in slow pop and R&B mixtures blended in a sweet combination with EDM. Some of the best producers in the industry today, including the likes of Skrillex and Blood, play a major role on the development of the album, assisting Biebs in creating his new signature sound.

Lyrically deep and powerful, ‘Purpose’ appears to be Bieber’s statement to the world for his actions and his recent doings in his career. The album tells the story of the artist who is discovering who he is as an adult and a human in conjunction with being one of the biggest stars on the world stage.

‘Purpose’ showcases Bieber’s growing skills in songwriting with him writing each and every single song on the record, making this one of his most personal projects yet to date. He even took part in some of the production of the album.

“Mark My Words” is the opening track of the album, featuring a backing track of Bieber’s vocals. This slow jam is a short tune of just over two minutes, introducing the vibe of the rest of the record and the openness and vulnerability that is going to be shown by the singer throughout the album.

A string of hits and soon to be upcoming hits follow, including “I’ll Show You,” “What Do You Mean?,” and “Sorry.” All three tracks are sonically EDM driven, but in a different way than we are used to hearing on mainstream radio. These records have a deeper meaning to them, helping us to feel Bieber’s true emotion in the music.

My favorite track on the entire album is called “Love Yourself.” Co-written with Ed Sheeran who is also featured on the track, this song is a beautifully simplistic musical creation featuring only vocals and acoustic guitar, but combining with striking lyrics to produce one of the most vibrant, groovy, honest, and strong songs Bieber has ever released.

The standard edition of the album includes thirteen tracks while the deluxe version includes between eighteen and nineteen, depending on how the album is purchased and where it is purchased from. The title track concludes the standard edition of the record, wrapping the album in such a way that makes us feel like Bieber is looking right into our eyes with full honesty and emotion.

‘Purpose’ might just be Justin Bieber’s best work yet, certainly one of his most personal. Bieber will promote the album on The Purpose Tour which begins on March 9, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. Check out tickets for the tour below.

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