Jose Reyes of the Colorado Rockies
Jose Reyes of the Colorado Rockies (source: Sporting News)

Jose Reyes Checks Out of Baseball

In a move that could make DeAndre Jordan look like a man that actually has a plan, Jose Reyes has been passive aggressive about his new team, the last place NL West Colorado Rockies. He hasn’t said outright that he wants to be traded, but has been dropping small hints as to how he sees his career finishing. Reyes does not want to be locked down to a losing team, something that he has been used to for the entirety of his career. This is an understandable sentiment, but unfortunately is being delivered in the worst way possible. While Reyes shows no signs of wanting to make things work in his current position, his actual performance is one of the lowest of his careers, with a .279 batting average.

Inconsistencies aside, there seems to be some indecision on how his situation and skills should be handled. Reyes has been pulled from the starting lineup more than once during his tenure with the Rockies, and it wasn’t to rest him.  The 32 year old is in a slump, and it’s probably not going to get better with him pouting about his situation. Being traded from a winning team for a player with a possible higher ceiling can leave a person very much bitter, and it becomes an increasingly difficult situation in the clubhouse with trade rumors directly concerning Reyes being asked publicly. His high multi-million dollar contract and recent slump has turned away a lot of potential bidders, but one bidder in particular is pondering picking up the famed shortstop- the infamous New York Yankees.

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The Yankees will pay for just about anything, and have a history of overpaying for players that other teams have passed on. With star shortstop Derek Jeter retiring, they are in need of a big name shortstop with a proven record of consistency. Of course that would’ve been Reyes, maybe 1 year ago. It’s still an attractive option both sides can some to an agreement, and would be beneficial for both teams. The Rockies fans are a lot more forgiving and want Reyes to stay, even if it’s against his will. New York can make their move sooner rather than later, because if Reyes starts lighting it up on the baseball field then all bets are off for a trade. Even with the trade Reyes will never be Jeter, but in reality no one ever will in New York’s eyes.

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