Jimmer Fredette, San Antonio Spurs
Jimmer Fredette, San Antonio Spurs

Jimmer Fredette is Not Tim Tebow

In one of the more interesting points happening in the NBA, Jimmer Fredette was cut by the San Antonio Spurs. The once great college phenom that was called the greatest scorer to ever live has now been released by 4 different NBA teams in 4 years, and it all started with the original draftees the Sacramento Kings. Taken with the 10th overall pick, the Kings passed over present and past NBA champions Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard. The basic failure at the NBA level of such a high profile college star has drawn parallels to Tim Tebow, who suffered through the same situation after being cut by the New England Patriots. Both the Patriots and the Spurs are considered the best in their sport at player development, so in essence getting cut by them usually spells doom for the player being cut.

In Tim Tebow’s case he had some success at the NFL level, but eventually it was discovered that it was all scheme, the same scheme that better coaches like Bill Belichick could figure out and eat for lunch. Tim lacked talent at the NFL level to make him a successful quarterback, but in Fredette’s case his talent is actually NBA level. In the fast and furious NBA that has now abandoned most inside play and has settled for jump shots, Fredette’s style of play not only works, but is exactly the model of every 2nd or 3rd player in an NBA lineup. He is a gunner that can score from both mid and long range, easily making 20-30 points on jump shots alone. His defense is suspect, but a closer look at current NBA teams shows that not even wing players like AK-47 or Iggy are considered important wing defenders anymore, and instead are more focused in man to man defense. Athletic rim protectors are all the rage now, and are really the only true defenders left in today’s NBA. So if it isn’t Fredette’s defense, then what is it that keeps him from being successful at the NBA level?

There have been rumors about his attitude towards adjusting his game, but it usually ends in a cold trail of gossip. Don’t be surprised to see Jimmer on another team, as the story of his career isn’t quite over yet. He’s too talented and too young to be shipped off out of the country to a team and never heard from again.

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