Jason Day, shown at the 2015 Farmers Insurance Open
Jason Day, shown at the 2015 Farmers Insurance Open (source: Golfweek)

Jason Day Emerges

With all the talk of whether Tiger Woods will ever get his mojo back, golf fans are usually lost when it comes to deciding who the next ‘it’ golfer is. For a while Rory McIlroy seemed to be ready to take that crown, but not only was it short lived, it was very well short sighted. An equal amount of inconsistent play and personal problems has led to his now mediocre status, although many would still argue that he is at the top of his game. During his slumping moments Jason Day has started to show the same promise that many a golf fan has held their breath for. He isn’t exactly Tiger Woods, but he shows even more promise than Rory does when he is at the top of his game. And this isn’t wishful thinking by the many golf purists-this kid really does have it.

Even with his recent failure to claim the world #1 at the Deautsche Bank Championship, all eyes are still on him to succeed and surpass Rory. Sitting in the #3 spot just doesn’t suit Day, and whether he admits it or not he knows it. In order to make it to the #1 spot he has to find a way to overcome Jordan Spieth, who has recently found his swing and is riding a similar hot streak. Whether he will be able to keep it up with Jason looking over his shoulder is something we will find out in the coming few months. The Australian born Day has received praise from five time British Open champion Peter Thomson. Thomson isn’t in the habit of giving out undue praise, which is why when he publicly endorsed Day it became such a big deal. Rory hit his peak earlier than people expected and it was a bit of a jarring experience to see in real time.

Peter is a fellow Aussie that was in his prime from 1954-1965, and may possibly see some of his game in the younger Day. The Hall of Famer also mentioned that Rory and Spieth would be in the mix as well, so it’s a bit interesting to see some backers still for Rory at this point in his game. Another big difference between Day and the other young golfers is his attitude towards the game and getting better. Not only do you see the alpha mentality in his mannerisms, but there really is little doubt that if he failed, that he would just get back up again swinging harder.