J.J. Watts of the Houston Texans
J.J. Watts of the Houston Texans

J.J. Watts Not Valuable to the Texans?

The motor never stops running on Watts, even though he broke his hand in practice. He still expects to play and wreak havoc on the offensive line, in typical J.J. Watts’s fashion. But even if he is at 100% for their Sunday game against the , it won’t affect the outcome of the game. The Patriots will win, and the Houston Texans will be even further away from a playoff bid. You see the Texans suffer with the problem of having one of the best players in the league at the wrong position. J.J. Watts is a DE phenomenon that is the best player on the field on the wrong side of the ball and playing in the wrong position in an offensive oriented league. Although outlets like ESPN are guilty for getting cute with the J.J. Watts highlights, it still doesn’t change the fact that his team isn’t winning any games based on his play.

This may seem a bit harsh, but let’s put it into perspective. This is the same argument that is ongoing when deciding why it is a bad idea to give any other player QB money when they aren’t the QB. There isn’t an executive in this league that wouldn’t trade Watts to get Aaron Rodgers, and some may even consider trading the 26 year old Watts for the 38 year old Tom Brady if the offer was on the table. That is because J.J. Watts is not the game changer that the media makes him out to be, and any offensive coordinator with a crayon and paper can game plan against him. Even shutdown corners like Richard Sherman have lost value in this new age of offensive friendly football. The Seattle Seahawks may not even make the playoffs, and this is all while he is having one of the best seasons of his career.

The most important position on the field will always start on the offensive side of the ball. And the most important position on the offensive side of the ball will always be the QB. From there work your way through the receiver core, offensive line, running back etc. and right when you get to the kicker, that’s when you start looking at valuable players on the defensive side of ball. It’s a harsh reality that is mixed in with a lot of top 10 highlights that have nothing to do with the actual winning of football games. J.J. Watts will always sell season tickets, but there is no way he is getting his team to a Super Bowl.

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