Vernon Davis (source: Bleacher Report)
Vernon Davis (source: Bleacher Report)

Is Vernon Davis the Answer?

There was once a time where Mike Singletary was the only guy that could coach up Vernon Davis into being the Pro Bowl player that everyone thought he should be. Then came Jim Harbaugh who continued the legacy of Davis, turning him into a reliable superstar long before Rob Gronkowski became the envy of all tight ends. Vernon Davis had the route running ability and hands of a WR and the destructive running style of Adrian Peterson. Depending on the matchup he could either outrun the defense or run over them. At the height of his career, he was considered a top 3 tight end in the league based on how much defensive coordinators had to plan around him.

Then came the dog days, not only of Davis but the entire San Francisco 49ers franchise. The owner and front office became unbearable control freak and eventually drove the franchise into nothing, all while running Harbaugh out of town. Vernon Davis has slowly declined over the years, even though he is still a young athletic freak of nature with little miles on his body. Maybe Davis’s dormant talent is what made the 7-0 Denver Broncos acquire him from the 49ers in exchange for what could amount to a bag of chips and a soda in value.  Peyton Manning has led the team to one of the weakest undefeated season starts in the history of the NFL, with Manning no longer the threat he once was. The Broncos are probably the least scary team in the NFL despite their record, with no weapons worth mentioning that will keep them from getting destroyed come playoff time.

Davis isn’t going to be the answer to the declining skills of Manning, but he could perhaps act as a security blanket for one of the few quarterbacks in the league that can’t pass deep anymore. If Davis plays like the Pro Bowl caliber player everyone knows he is, the Broncos may actually stand a chance in the playoffs. If Davis falls below expectations, then the Broncos will still march through the regular season only to get beat soundly in the playoffs. This is going to be an interesting twist for this franchise that has been disappointing ever since they acquired Manning, even with a lone Super Bowl appearance under their belt. It may turn out this is what they need to become a better team, even if this is Manning’s last year.

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