Andrew Luck of the Colts
Andrew Luck of the Colts (source: USA Today)

Is Andrew Luck Turning into RG3?

The Indianapolis Colts have a really big on their hands now that Luck is going to miss about a month with a lacerated kidney and a partially torn abdominal muscle. This isn’t the kind of injury you’re used to hearing a quarterback have, and it is all thanks to the lackluster offensive line of the Colts. It’s really ironic that these injuries were suffered against the Denver Broncos en route to a win against a healthy Peyton Manning. Parallels aside, the 40 year old Matt Hasselbeck has performed admirably when he had to replace luck earlier this year, winning both of his starts while Luck nursed a right shoulder injury.

Placing all the blame on the offensive line, or even coach Chuck Pagano wouldn’t be fair since Luck has a habit of holding onto the ball longer than the average quarterback. Just like RG3 he has the ability to keep a play alive with his legs, but it also means he opens himself up for some of the most earth shattering hits this side of SportsCenter. And in addition to Luck already having a high interception total, the injuries are only working as a major setback for a quarterback that many pinned as the future of the league. The problem is that all of these setbacks for the #1 overall pick seem eerily similar to one RG3 and the woeful attempts at Washington to stay relevant. Andrew isn’t crashing and burning as bad as RG3, but he is looking like he has reached his peak potential a lot earlier than expected. What was once considered to be elite talent just looks like it is very good, and not the type that can carry a team through the playoffs.

That would put Luck just below quarterbacks like Joe Flacco, and more on the level of starting Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton. That’s a scary thought that will continue to become a reality if they don’t surround Luck with a better offensive line and a running back that can actually gain some yards. A good pickup would be underutilized back Alfred Morris from Washington along with super threat WR Desean Jackson. Neither of these players are likely to stay with the team once their contract is up, and they both embody exactly what the Colts need to help out their QB’s progression. If something isn’t done soon not only will Luck be shown the bench, but Pagano will be shown the door.

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