Hillary Clinton Brings the Laughs on SNL

Last weekend on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton made a surprise guest appearance in a skit with SNL cast member Kate McKinnon. The skit has been making shockwaves around the world for its profound humour and lightheartedness, showing a more personal, open, and down-to-earth side of the politician.

The skit begins with the episode’s featured guest Miley Cyrus discussing future presidential possibilities with SNL cast member Beck Bennett. The two are standing at a round table with their drinks, talking about how they would like to see Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina as the nation’s next president. Beck then makes a comment referring to Carly Fiorina, stating, “She would make the best first female president, don’t ya think?”

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The camera then pans over to the bar itself where Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, is standing, frustrated and disgruntled, alongside SNL cast member Cecily Strong who is playing one of Hillary’s campaign associates. Hillary overhears Miley and Beck’s conversation and remarks, “Why won’t the people just let me lead? Just give me the hammer and the nails and let me fix it all!” Hillary then states that she is going to stay for one more drink. She calls the bartender to “keep ‘em coming.” The bartender turns around and the audience then sees it is the real Hillary Clinton, who goes by the name of Val.

Hillary and Val then go on to have a hilarious comedic conversation that teases the real Hillary Clinton on various political issues and responses to them. Ironic and clever dialogue creates for tons of laughs, highlighted by discussion of Hillary’s stance on gay marriage. Val tells Hillary, “It really is great how long you’ve supported gay marriage.” Hillary responds, “Yes, I could have supported it sooner.” Val replies, “Well, you did it pretty soon.” Hillary confirms, “Eh, could have been sooner.” This exchange pokes fun at Hillary’s stance on gay rights over the years and is especially funny and ironic since cast member Kate McKinnon is openly lesbian, SNL’s first openly lesbian cast member.

Later in the skit, Val mimics Donald Trump, goofing around by imitating his voice as the two tease Trump of his hairdo.

The skit concludes with Hillary and Val breaking out in song, laughing and enjoying the moment authentically.

Reviews of the skit on social media were generally favorable with millions of people finding the humour in the sketch and the fun of the show. Many credited Clinton with her push to reach the entire populations, although some skeptics criticized this move as attention seeking.

All politics aside, the sketch is simply full of genuine humour and wonderful laughs.

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