Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself” Video’s Empowering Message

Rising star Hailee Steinfeld has released the video for her inspiring single “Love Myself” and the video is gaining worldwide praise for its beautiful messages of acceptance and empowerment. The motivational anthem is a hit pop song for all ages, teaching each and every one of us to find love within our selves and with who we are, being comfortable in our own bodies, and simply loving ourselves with no regrets. This message is the focal point of the video which features Steinfeld dancing and proclaiming the powerful words from rooftops on city skyscrapers.

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Perhaps the most moving visuals arise when a large mirror with the hashtag #LoveMyself written on the glass is placed on the sidewalks of busy downtown city streets. Pedestrians passing by notice the structure and are surprised to see their reflection. But their reactions are priceless: Each person embraces themselves for the individual they are and they love it. Everyone from professional businessmen to artists to casual city-goers notice themselves in the mirror and take a moment to stop and enjoy themselves and their reflection. Many begin to smile, take selfies, laugh, dance, and take second and third looks. One of my favorite reactions is when a woman walks by the mirror and does a double-take, stepping back a few steps to look at herself again, and loving the woman she sees. She then breaks into a dance routine, showing how happy she truly is and how comfortable and loving of herself she is as well.

Hailee Steinfeld, Love Myself Cover
Hailee Steinfeld, Love Myself

The video continues with Hailee starting a block party on the street and groups of people surrounding her, all dancing and enjoying the moment with themselves and one another. The crowd is a diverse representation of all individuals, from the businessmen to the artists and the casual city-goers once again. Footage of a hidden camera placed within the mirror is featured as well, showing people’s reactions to themselves when they saw their reflections in the mirror. People laughed and smiled positively, portraying the message of self love.

Following the release of the video, the hashtag #LoveMyself began making waves around social media with individuals from all over the world showing what it means to truly love yourself. People began writing #LoveMyself on their own mirrors and captured a photo to share and continue to spread the message of love. Hailee used her own social media accounts to share similar messages from her fans which included drawings, positive and encouraging messages, and lyrics from the song to help everyone find acceptance and encouragement within themselves.

Great work Hailee. Thank you for inspiring us and may you continue to shine bright your light of love.

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