Frank Ocean Slide

Frank Ocean Annotates “Slide” Lyrics On Genius

By now just about everyone has heard Calvin Harris’ new collaboration track with Frank Ocean and Migos titled “Slide”. And amidst all the smooth and laid back lyrics one of the more elusive lines occurs in the intro of the song sung in a distorted high-pitched voice by Ocean. Frank Ocean has cleared the air around the lyrics at the intro by jumping on Genius and annotating his own lyrics.

The lyrics read “I might / Empty my bank account / And buy that boy with the pipe”. In the annotation Ocean explains that the “boy with the pipe” refers to “A picasso painting that sold for so much money.” This resonates with Migos’ lyrics later in the song which also mention a Picasso painting.

Listen to Slide below:

The Picasso painting referred to specifically is Picasso’s painting titled Garçon à la pipe (1905). See below:
Boy with Pipe by Pablo Picasso