DeAndre Jordan
DeAndre Jordan (source: Kahn Sports News)

DeAndre Jordan: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

DeAndre Jordan, the enigmatic center of the Los Angeles Clippers has had an extremely eventful offseason, ending with him right back where he started. In 2014 the Clippers had to make do without star power forward Blake Griffin for a good portion of the season. In order for them to make ends meet it meant that role players like Jordan who was counted on primarily for his defense had to step up his game on the other end of the floor. He not only did that but became a bona fide all-star in the process, making his jump to free agency after the offseason that much more enticing.

Several teams lined up for the Jordan sweepstakes, most notable of them Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. The Clippers in retrospect didn’t quite show him they even wanted him to resign, and the inner workings of teammates not liking each other began to swell in the media. The Rockets were also eyeing Jordan closely, as he would work perfectly with Dwight Howard as a restructured twin towers. In the end DeAndre agreed to go to the Dallas Mavericks and play alongside Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis-but hold on. He made the agreement while still within the grace period, and decided that Dallas wasn’t for him, opting to resign with the Clippers.

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What happened after this looked like something out of reality TV, with reports of owner Mark Cuban showing up at DeAndre’s doorstep trying to convince him to reconsider. There was also an apology on that same incident by NBA expert Chris Broussard, who was publicly destroyed by Cuban for incorrectly reporting that incident. Rumors of dissension in the locker room began to subside, as many considered that Clippers star PG Chris Paul was the reason that Jordan opted to go to Dallas in the first place. So was DeAndre worth all of this trouble? He is a 2nd round success story that played well above his means while the star forward was out of the lineup. When Griffin returned, his numbers dropped back down to where they used to be.

Jordan will never reach his full potential in the current system, and he made a huge mistake by resigning with the Clippers. A team full of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will never be able to fully accommodate a player that has the inside dominance of an old school big man. It’s highly unlikely they will even call more than 5 plays a game for Jordan, a player more than capable of shouldering the burden. He will regret his indecisiveness, or rather he will eat it for the years to come.

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