DeAndre Jordan Resigns from LA Clippers
DeAndre Jordan Resigns from LA Clippers (source: Business Insider)

DeAndre Jordan Changes Agents

It was only a matter of time before the blame game for the DeAndre Jordan carnival took on a physical presence, and apparently the fall guy for the debacle is none other than Relativity Sports agent Dan Fegan. He is now of course the infamous former agent of DeAndre Jordan, a player that has now fired 3 agents in less than 7 years. His indecisions with who manages him is now as infamous as his indecisions with which teams to play for. Keeping in mind how it all went down, with DeAndre not even informing Dan that he was reneging on his verbal agreement with the Mavericks and instead resigning with the Clippers, things got interesting with how the new $88 million dollar deal would be divided.

Jordan brokered the deal by himself, so basically he was his own agent throughout the process. Regardless of the outcome, and even with him leaving his agency, he still has to pay them 4% of that $88 million. That’s a very sweet parting gift, one that Jordan unintentionally gave. Several players have already spoken out about Jordan’s bad character, which is more of a rookie move that should have been avoided by the now 27 year old Jordan. He will never get another max contract of that length, seeing as he is in his prime, and playing in a position while relying on his athleticism. The story still hasn’t found an end, because now the Clippers have been fined by the NBA for $250,000 for offering DeAndre things not in his contract. This deal took place before Jordan decided to sign with the Mavericks, so it is more salt in the wound to what has been one of the most amusing off season transactions ever.

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For better or for worse, the Clippers and Coach Doc Rivers have inherited a traditional back to the basket big man who shoots below 50% from the free throw line and lacks offensive upside or even a decent 15 foot jumper. This is while the game has moved more towards three pointers, speed and hybrid big men. They essentially paid a Ferrari price for an old Toyota that needs some work done. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if Jordan doesn’t get any better over the course of his contract, and in the worst case scenario, gets even worse. He is a player that has tremendous upside, but doesn’t seem to have the moxie to take advantage of it.

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