New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs
New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs

Cubs On Verge of Being Swept

No one will deny that the Chicago Cubs are one of the most historic teams in all of baseball. The problem is that their history is bathed in ineptitude not only in the regular season, but also the playoffs. Their latest meltdown is in the NLCS against the surprising New York Mets that have throttled them for a 3-0 lead. This isn’t unconventional in the playoffs, but in this particular case the Cubs were considered a favorite. To add insult to injury, the Cubs have beat the Mets in all of their 7 regular season series, basically sweeping the regular season matchup yet about to get swept themselves. It doesn’t make any sense, and it causes sports analysts like Michael Wilbon to not see it coming.

Despite their season being pretty much over, confidence at the top has not completely wilted. The 2004 Red Sox are living proof that a 3-0 deficit can be overcome, and it is recent enough to recall from memory that it’s still relevant. Ironically the general manager of the Red Sox at that time is now Cubs President Theo Epstein, so he has a better memory than most. Honestly, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Cubs can pull this out. Chicago has a knack for resilient sports teams, and this can easily be one of the biggest comebacks in all of sports history. They have the weapons to make it a reality, so there is no reason to doubt the power of this club and what they represent. But the only way that they can make this happen is by not making so many mistakes on small things like wild pitches. Those little things add up, and is exactly how they got in the hole they are in now.

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is a key to the comeback, and he has to be sharp as ever to make this happen. The entire roster of cubs batters have also got to be more aggressive at the plate against these young Mets pitchers that really don’t fear them as much as they should. The pitching of the Mets has proved consistent this series, and if it keeps up will carry them through. So the only thing to really be concerned about is if the Cubs will continue to self-destruct, and potentially add to their infamous history.

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