Chris Brown proposed to raise awareness for domestic violence
Chris Brown proposed to raise awareness for domestic violence.

Chris Brown Proposes To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence To Enter Australia

Chris Brown is making headlines in Australia after being warned by Australian authorities that he may be banned from entering the country based on his criminal history. Chris Brown was scheduled to tour Australia at the end of the year. Brown was convicted in 2009 for of assaulting his then girlfriend celebrity, Rihanna.

In a move to alleviate this issue, Chris Brown turned to Twitter to voice a proposal to raise awareness for domestic violence. Brown suggests that it would be more effective to use his history as leverage to educate young people rather than continually punishing him for his past.

Activist organisation GetUp! first initiated the move to ban Chris Brown after creating an online petition delivering the key message that Australia has no room for violence against women. The Australian Immigration Act has rights to ban Brown’s entry Visa for anyone with a “substantial criminal record”. Brown has one month to appeal the decision, and has already turned to Twitter to begin his campaign.

Tickets to Chris Brown’s Australian shows began selling this week and sales are going strong despite being issued with the warning. Let’s see if he can convince Australian Immigration.

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