Boston Bruins v Washington Capitals
Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals (source: Black Door Ventures)

Bad Outlook for the Washington Capitals

For fans of underachievers, there has never been a more tragic story than the Washington Capitals hockey team. Whether it’s big coaching changes or big player changes this team just can’t seem to find out what their kryptonite is. Their failures are trademarked with playing so far ahead of their competition that winning the Stanley Cup seemed like it was a few seconds away. Each and every time they have choked away a win in the playoffs, and most recently made their biggest regression ever; they lost for the 3rd time in 4 years to the New York Rangers. An idea of the mental instability of the roster can be better clarified by explaining that 2 of these losses were in the Conference Semifinals, with the lone 1 against the Rangers taking place in the Conference Quarterfinals.

It gets worse, as for the past 5 years they’ve lost in either the Quarters or the Semis, and didn’t even make the playoffs in the year of 2013-14. Even when former player Adam Oates was fired and replaced by much heralded coach Barry Trotz, they fell into the same habit of mental stability down the stretch that has led them to 0 Stanley Cup titles. What most are looking forward to in the 2015-16 season is the evolution of their younger players, as Alexander Ovechkin has already reached his peak as a player and a leader of this team.

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Their offseason answers have been bad, to say the least. After losing several important key players to their offense and defense, their biggest counter has been trading for Los Angeles King’s journeyman Justin Williams, in hopes that his recent championship success will rub off on the rest of the roster. This is a good overall pick up, since Justin is a 3 time Stanley Cup champion, but for some reason the brass up top thought it wise to let go of forwards Troy Brouwer, Joel Ward and defenseman Mike Green. With both Justin and Alex being prime offensive players, this move does not address their primary concern of defense. More than likely we’ll be treated to another disappointing season from Washington, but here is holding out hope that this may be the year when they turn it all around.

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