Two Iguanas Fighting
Two Iguanas Fighting (source: Andrey Gudkov)

A Photoshop Battle Done Correctly

What happens when somebody posts a picture of two Iguanas fighting each other? Well of course this calls for an all out Photoshop battle. Reddit user @ashif92 posted the picture less than a day ago, and the internet responded immediately turning the picture of two simple creatures into an all out war of epic proportions.

Lets turn this up a notch.

Two Iguanas Fighter, Epic Battle.
Two Iguanas Fighting, Epic Battle.

It ain’t a battle unless there’s Putin and Kim Jong-un.

Two Iguanas Fighting, with Putin and Kim Jong-un.

How about we add a bit of Obama and Travolta for no reason at all.

Two Iguanas Fighting, with Obama and Travolta.

Might as well keep going.

Two Iguanas Fighting

Now things get interesting. #BERN

Two Iguanas Fighting

We’ve gone this far, might as well keep going.

Two Iguanas Fighting

This is where it gets ridiculous.

Two Iguanas Fighting

And then…

Two Iguanas Fighting

And finally…

Two Iguanas Fighting

We got there in the end. All we can say is…

Anchorman well that escalated quickly

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